Special offers


for customers booking a course through us!

Tour Bus

Complimentary Sightseeing Tour

Travelling to a different country to learn a new language should not only be educational, but also fun! The Language Union is therefore offering 1 free sightseeing tour in your chosen country organized by experienced guides. This offer is available for all new customers.

Curriculum Vitae

Complimentary Sightseeing Tour

Are you looking for a job after or in between your studies? We will professionally translate your CV free of charge. This offer is available for new customers only. The available languages are as follows:

English to French /Spanish/Italian/German/Swedish and vice versa.

Teacher and Student

Complimentary Sightseeing Tour

Book at least 4 weeks of studies in any destination and get 1 individual lesson for free! The duration of the lesson lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the school.