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Why study Italian?

Italian is by many known as the "language of love" due to its melodic sound, history and culture.

Many people learn Italian simply because it's beautiful, but it's also a very useful language to master.

Over 60 million people speak Italian as their mother tongue, mainly in Italy, Switzerland and San Marino. The number is even higher of course when considering non-native speakers.

Are you interested in food, music, art, literature or fashion? Then you'll have plenty of reasons to study Italian!

Home to some of the best chefs and kitchens in the world, opera singers such as Luciano Pavarotti, some of the best written pieces in the history and clothing brands worn by celebrities worldwide.

Italy is also one of the largest economies in the world with major companies opening offices in the country. Likewise, Italian big brands have opened up all around the globe.

There are also many Italian expats so you are bound to meet many Italian speakers wherever you travel!

A language that's both romantic and useful - why not learning it?

Book a language course with one of our Italian partner schools in Cagliari, Florence, Milan, Rome or Venice and start learning the language of love!

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