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Why study German?

Why learn German

German is perhaps not known for being the most pleasant language to your ears. It doesn’t have the same attractiveness like Italian or French, but does it really matter? Not really as it’s one of the most influential languages of the world!

Germany has the biggest economy in Europe and is the home of countless large companies. More and more foreigners move to Germany to pursuit a career due to their many job opportunities.

Like the other languages offered, knowing German is very good to have on your CV.

With United Kingdom being out of the EU, German has officially become the most spoken language in the European Union!

German is often chosen by pupils as a third language to learn in school after their native one and English which in most countries are compulsory.

Of course, German isn’t spoken only in Germany. It is also an official language in Austria, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

In fact, there are roughly 130 million people speaking German as their mother tongue when counting German minorities worldwide.

It is safe to say that you will definitely be able to use the language quite often when traveling worldwide.

If you are interested in music, art literature or philosophy, you will be able to enjoy the work of Mozart, Bach, Goethe and Kafka without any translation.

Do you speak Dutch or a Scandinavian language? Many sentences in German may sound familiar to you in that case. The languages are similar which makes it easier to learn.

So what are you waiting for? Book a language course today through The Language Union and learn German with our great partner school DID who has schools in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich!

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