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Why study French

The French language is considered by many the most beautiful language in the world. No matter if it's a dialect from France, Quebec or Africa, it's a delight to hear it!

Not only is it a pleasure to listen to, but it's a very useful language to learn. French is the official language of 29 countries, making it one of the most spoken languages in the world. In fact, it's recognized as an official language by the United Nations, Nato and the World Trade Organization.

Just as English, it's an extremely beneficial language to know when applying for jobs. Many employers will actually prioritize your CV if you speak French.

Apart from France who is the top destination of the world judging by the number of tourists visiting each year, you'll get by in countries like Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Canada, Morocco, & Senegal. There are actually 11 African countries that has French as the official language!

The residents English level of most French speaking countries worldwide isn't the highest, so sometimes it can be difficult making yourself understood without speaking French.

If you are into films, music and art, you may know that some of the best artists are French speaking. Learn the language and you can watch great films like The Intouchables without subtitles and listen to old classics from Celine Dion without having to translate the lyrics!

French is of course related to other widely spoken languages such as Italian and Spanish. In other words, you'll find it much easier to learn some other languages once you understand French.

If you look up some French words, it's very likely that you find similarities in your own language depending on where you come from.

All in all, you'll open up so many opportunities for yourself. Whether it will be for traveling, working or for leisure, learning French will definitely be worth it!

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