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Why study English?

Not everyone are sure of which languages to study. Every language is of course beneficial to learn, but you will have to figure out why a certain language is good/suitable for you to master.

In this blog, we will talk about the English language and why you should consider studying English in one of our 19 destinations.

While Mandarin is the most spoken language by native speakers, English is the language spoken by the most number of people in total worldwide. When traveling to a destination where you cannot speak the local language, it's only natural to try to communicate in English.

Imagine you are meeting new friends from your language schools and you are all from different countries. Without English it would be very difficult to communicate with each other wouldn't it?

You could say English is the official language of the world. Just think of your daily activities. When watching Youtube, Netflix, reading articles and online forums, there is a big chance it will be in English.

When applying for a job, in many cases it will be a big advantage if you can speak English. Of course in some countries like Sweden, Norway, Denmark and The Netherlands, it might not be a deal breaker as most people have good knowledge of the language, but it certainly will in countries where English is not as widely spoken such as France, Italy, Spain and Belgium.

Are you a businessman/businesswoman or striving to become one? English is extremely important when doing deals with international companies. Most companies will expect you to have at least basic knowledge.

The Language Union works with schools in Australia, Canada, Malta, The United Kingdom & The United States. Depending on the country and the city you choose, you'll get used to a specific accent, ie Geordie in Newcastle.

However, we recommend you to focus on what destination you will enjoy studying in the most, rather than what accents are spoken. Everyone have different accents and all that matters is that people can understand you, and that you can understand others.

Unsure of what destination to choose? Start by thinking of what type of place you are looking for. A calm and more relaxed spot or a buzzing big city with life everywhere?

Once you have decided, then you can narrow down the options and look for the pros and cons with each school/destination.

Busy Destinations: Quieter Destinations:

Melbourne Bondi

Sydney Brighton

Montreal Bristol

Toronto Cambridge

Vancouver Darwin

London Saint Julian's



Los Angeles


New York

San Francisco

If you need any tips or more information about each school and destination, please feel free to get in touch!