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What are the requirements to book a language trip abroad?

A few customers have asked us about what documentation is required from them in order to be able to attend a language course in another country. There isn't one single answer to this question as it depends on what passport you are traveling with, and of course the current Covid-19 restrictions.

If you are traveling with a passport from the European Union to another EU country, then you won't need to apply for any visa. You may however need to apply for a visa if you are visiting countries such as Australia, Canada, UK & USA.

Every country have different agreements or no agreements at all with each country in the world, so one condition for one passport holder is not necessarily the same for another. If you are a dual national, different rules may apply to you depending on which countries you are from and where you are traveling.

No matter where you want to study and what passport you hold, we always recommend you to check the website of the embassy/consulate of your chosen destination to be sure of the latest rules. Apart from visa rules, there is always Covid-19 restrictions to keep in mind. Some countries require you to quarantine upon arrival while others will just ask for a negative test or proof that you have been fully vaccinated.

If you are visiting a country where you need to apply for a visa, you may need to book and pay for a course before your visa meeting. The school will then issue you a visa letter which will help with your application. Proof of why you are visiting a destination can be required hence why in some cases you are required to pay for a course before having your visa application approved.

In case your application is denied, your money will be refunded with the exception of registration fees depending on the school you have chosen. Each school have different terms and conditions when it comes to cancellations/postponements, but we are of course happy to guide you through them if there is anything you are unsure of.

Different rules can be confusing and frustrating, but as long as you plan in advance and ask for help if you are unsure of anything, then we promise you that everything will go smoothly in the end!

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