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Online or Face-to-face lessons?

Since the start of the pandemic, demand for online language lessons have peaked. More and more language schools are offering online classes while waiting for restrictions to fully end.

The experience of traveling to a different country, meeting people from all around the world and having live interactions with teachers is of course unbeatable, but there are some benefits of taking online lessons.

With an increasing number of students opting for digital courses, language schools have had to adapt to the demands by offering more exciting and fun lessons. Many schools are for instance arranging online social activities so that you can get to know your classmates and still feel a personal connection.

Some examples of online activities are cooking lessons, quiz games, karaoke parties and movie/dinner nights.

Then there is of course the difference in price. Online classes are often if not always cheaper than Face-to-face ones, and you won't have to splash out money on flights and accommodation.

Generally, learning a new language is more effective and for most people more enjoyable when traveling and interacting with locals and fellow classmates. However, given the current circumstances, learning a new language online is a great way to meet new international friends, have fun and also saving money by doing so.

No matter what option you choose, you will receive quality and fun courses that will help your language learning no matter if you are an adult or junior learner.

Currently, you can study English, French, German, Italian and Spanish both online and Face-to-face by booking a course through The Language Union.

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