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Learn a language with Netflix

Watching films in a different language is a great way to improve your language skills, but there is a more effective way that will speed up your development even more. Language Reactor is a Chrome extension that helps you learn a language of your choice while watching your favourite Netflix shows!

While the extension has mainly been created for Netflix users, it can also be used for Youtube. A Mozilla Firefox extension is on the way soon in case you don't use Google Chrome. Below, you'll see some of the features that this awesome tool has!

*When playing a film/TV series, you can choose to have 2 subtitles shown instead of only 1. This way, you can compare the audio and the texts in both languages for a better understanding.

*You will also be able to listen to subtitles one at a time, and changing the playback speed. to suit your own tempo. A pop-up dictionary has also been added, and the most important words will be highlighted whenever they are mentioned/said in the show.

*Words and phrases can be saved by using the "Pro Mode" so that you can go back and practice later on.

We have tried it and are very impressed. Combining this with other learning-methods can be extremely useful!

Make sure to check out their website below for more information:

Next time you watch Netflix or Youtube, make the most out of your time and reach your goal faster by downloading this excellent extension that The Language Union highly recommends!

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