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Italy on the right track

The government of Italy confirmed on Wednesday that most provinces in the country will return to lower risk "yellow zones" from Monday the 26th of April. This means that business will be allowed to reopen and restaurants can serve customers at outdoor tables instead of only offering takeaway and deliveries. Non-essential travel between the yellow zones will also be permitted.

The only provinces that will remain in the higher risk "orange zones" are Basilicata, Calabria, Puglia, Sicily and Valle d’Aosta.

The strict restrictions that have been enforced all over Italy is paying off. Cases of Covid have dropped, but so far no one knows exactly when the door will be open for international visitors without enforcing quarantines.

The prime minister, Mario Draghi is however hoping that tourism will be allowed from early June, and this definitely sounds like a realistic target as more and more countries are speeding up the vaccination process.

How good would it be to soak up some sun in one of Italy's many touristic destinations right now? Hopefully this will be a reality in a couple of months, and an announcement is set to be made by the end of April regarding international tourism

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