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Interview with a language school student

The Language Union have reached out on Instagram to a student named Jenny from Sweden, to hear about her experiences of how it is to study in a language school during corona times.

Jenny is currently studying French in Paris for the second time - a language and city that she has fallen in love with!

What was your expectations before traveling?

"I knew that Paris were opening up the city again, but as the rules can change so quickly, I was a bit anxious that there would be another lock-down and that I would have to be stuck in my student residence. I didn't expect many classmates, but there are 8 other students in my class from different countries. There are also a few more classes so the school is definitely not empty.

So far everything is working as expected. Restaurants and shops are open, people are out enjoying the sun and there are quite many tourists."

You mentioned you have 8 classmates from different countries, we are curious to know where they are all from.

"There are 1 Norwegian couple, 1 British girl, 1 guy from Spain, 2 girls from Germany, 1 Italian girl and another couple from Slovakia. Last time there were more students from outside of Europe, but I guess people are scared of traveling far away from their countries at the moment."

This is your second time studying French in Paris, what's different this time compared to your last experience?

"You don't see a huge difference outside in the streets, but the school require you to wear a mask at all times inside their building. You have to sanitize your hands in the reception before entering and you have to leave one seat empty next to you in each classroom. Wearing a mask when it's so warm is really difficult in the beginning, but you get used to it."

Please tell us about a typical afternoon/evening after school has finished for the day.

"This is my first week and I have another 3 to go, so there is no real typical day. Paris is huge with different things to explore every day. Personally, I am into art so I like to visit museums and exhibitions.

With my classmates, we like to visit different tourist attractions or just having a coffee and pastry in a brasserie. Disney Land Paris is opening next week, so that's something that we are all looking forward to visiting!

There is a curfew starting at 11:00 PM, so we do try to be home at 10:00 PM latest to avoid any troubles."

Do you feel an improvement in your French language skills already?

"Yes definitely! We try not to speak English in the classroom, and the teachers are pushing us to always speak French. Whenever we go to a restaurant or a shop, we try to speak French and only use English if we are struggling to find a word. This helps a lot, and I feel so much more confident in my ability to communicate with others."

Would you recommend other students traveling to Paris to study French?

"For sure! French is one of the most spoken languages in the world and will replace English as the official working language of the European Union. The language is beautiful and Parisians are friendly contrary to what many people believe. I hope that there won't be more restrictions now that everyone is getting vaccinated so hopefully it won't be any issues for anyone traveling over here."

The Language Union would like to thank Jenny for her time and wish her the best of luck with her French studies!

With the borders opening and things coming back to normal, why not book a course through us and experience an adventure just like Jenny?

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