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International debit cards for traveling

Most people exchange money or use their local debit/credit card when traveling overseas, but few take advantage of International debit cards.

Cards such as Revolut or Transferwise just to name a couple allows you to make card purchases without being charged transaction fees.

Let's say you are based in Italy and want to top up your card with 100.00 EUROS. You want to travel to study in English in Australia and therefore need Australian Dollars.

Simply transfer the EUROS to AUD in your cards app and you have the equivalent amount in AUD.

When you arrive to your destination and want to make a withdrawal or purchase, you'll basically use your card as if it's an Australian card.

Now keep in mind that we are just using Australia as an example. You can get a card delivered to many countries worldwide and use plenty of different currencies.

When paying for something, you will instantly receive a digital receipt. If the amount of the product you are purchasing is high, you will usually also need to authorize the purchase via the app depending on your card. This gives some peace of mind in case your card would be lost/stolen.

Most cards also allows you to block your card instantly via the app.

These type of cards won't be really useful to use in your country, but they are a must have when traveling overseas according to us!

Most cards can be ordered free of charge and only upgrades with different types of benefits will cost you.

Below, you'll find a list of different international card providers that's worth looking into to.







Visit their websites for more detailed information and find out what card suits you best!

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