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How to travel without breaking the bank

Many people can't wait to book their flights now that we are slowly seeing the return of tourism. Unfortunately, millions of wallets have been hit hard by the pandemic so more and more travelers are looking for budget friendly options.

The Language Union is here with our best tips to help you save as much money as possible when traveling abroad to study!

* Fly early in the week. Generally, flights leaving on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday are cheaper. Most people traveling on shorter getaways will leave on a Thursday or Friday as the weekend is right ahead.

* Book early morning flights. Not everyone are keen to wake up 2 AM to catch a plane leaving at 5 in the morning. You can save a lot of money (and time!) if you don't mind losing out on some sleep.

* Choosing your nearest airport is not always the cheapest option! Sometimes it can be worth departing/arriving from/to other cities, even if it's a few hours away. The price difference can be huge if you find the right deal.

*You don't have to book both the departure and return flights with the same company. This is something that most tourists do as it's more convenient, but choosing different carriers can save you tons!

*Use a VPN to change your IP address. Yes, this one might sound weird, but booking tickets from different regions and in other currencies is sometimes cheaper.

*Use reputable airfair comparison websites like and to get the best available deals.

*Stay with a host family instead of a student residence or hotel. Living with a local family will not only help you to improve your language skills, but it is also a budget friendlier option.

*Bring your own food instead of dining outside. Eating in cafes and restaurants everyday can be very costly, so make sure to pack that lunch box before you head out in the morning!

*Look for free activities to enjoy in the city you will study in. All around the world, you can find fun things to do completely free of charge or for a small fee. You can for example find free walking tours in most major cities. While they are not charging anything, you are expected to pay a tip, but the amount is up to you to decide depending on the quality of the tour.

* Finally, don't forget to book your language course with The Language Union to get a price guarantee! (:

We hope that these tips will help, and that your bank account will thank you when you head out on your next adventure.

Studying abroad doesn't have to be expensive if you spend your money wisely!

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