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Hidden Gems - Toronto

Toronto is one of our favourite places in the world, so we just can't do a hidden gems list without including this international city. Here are as usual 5 less-known things worth checking out!

1: Tchotchke House

Tchotchke House, also known as "The Crazy Doll House" is a privately owned residence that has been decorated with all kinds of dolls/figurines in its garden.

The colorful variatons of dolls makes it more interesting to check out than you may think. This charming house is located in trendy area of Leslieville.

2: The Rec Room

The Rec Room is not your normal restaurant/bar. Here you can play many types of arcades, watch sports, play pool and listen to live music. They serve great cuisine and refreshing drinks which many of the locals love. This place is family friendly, and is open to all ages until 11.00 PM!

3: Casa Loma Tunnel

Prepare yourself for an exhibition of the darker days of Toronto. While walking through this tunnel which is located inside of a castle (Casa Loma), you'll get to learn about The Prohibition, The Plague, The Depression and The Great Toronto Fire just to name a few examples. Walking through a dark tunnel inside of a castle is part of the experience as it gives it a more spooky vibe to it!

4: Allan Gardens Conservatory

Not so much of a secret for locals, but this is something you probably won't find in the tourist guides.

This is a lovely botanical garden situated in downtown Toronto. As it's an indoor garden, you can visit it every day of the year! Perfect for rainy or colder days.

5: Nom Nom Nom Poutine

We can't finish the list without including food! Poutine is a famous Canadian dish consisting of chips (fries), brown gravy and cheese curds. It's also common to add different types of toppings to it such as pulled pork or sausage.

Market 707 is the first market in Toronto where retail shops and food businesses are operating from shipping containers. There, you'll find what may be the best place to try Poutine in Toronto. Nom Nom Nom Poutine is one of the vendors, and is a must try when you are in downtown Toronto!

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