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Hidden Gems - Rome

The historic city of Rome is a must see for anyone planning a trip to Italy. It is in our opinion one of the most breathtaking cities in the world, and is filled with beauty!

Just like other attractive tourist-destinations, this city is often packed with visitors. Our hidden gems list for Rome will help you to avoid the crowds.

1: The Capuchin Crypt

The Capuchin Crypt, also known as the "Bone Church of Rome" is a heritage site that houses thousands of human bones. It is located underneath the church, Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini. The sight of skeletons being used as decoratives is interesting and staggering, but yet frightening! This is certainly a visit you won't regret if you are into "dark tourism".

Nearest metro station: Barberini

2: L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele

This is not a hidden gem for locals, but most tourists traveling to Italy are probably looking for a good pizza place. Rome is not famous for their pizzas when comparing it to other Italian cities and thus it's easy to fall into tourist traps.

L'antica Pizzeria da Michele is a pizza-chain that originally opened in Naples. It has now expanded and opened restaurants in major cities around the world. Their pizzas are made the authentic Napolitan-way and tastes absolutely amazing!

Nearest metro: Flaminio

3: Tiber Island

This lovely boat shaped island can be reached by walking through a bridge from Trastevere or the Jewish Ghetto. As it's not far from the central parts of Rome, it makes a nice picnic location when the sun is out.

Nearest metro: Barberini

4: Pyramid of Caius Cestius

Pyramids is not the first thing that comes to mind when Italy is mentioned, but there is in fact a cool pyramid located near Porta San Paolo. Unfortunately, entry inside the pyramid has been permanently closed but you can still enjoy the sight and take some great pictures from outside.

Nearest metro: Piramide

5: The Aventine Keyhole

For an amazing and unique view of the St.Peter's Dome, head to Aventine Hill to the Knights of Malta. Once there, you'll see a door with a keyhole. Peek through the hole and you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the dome. It makes a perfect picture!

This gem has been picked up by some tourists but is still unknown to many. Keep in mind that there may be a smaller line for the view.

Nearest metro: Circo Massimo

If you ever run out of ideas to do once your Italian language classes in Rome have finished, then make sure to take advantage of this short but useful list of hidden gems!

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