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Hidden Gems - Los Angeles

Los Angeles is considered as one of the entertainment capitals of the world, so you can imagine that there are plenty of exciting things to do!

Still, there are much that's not on the average tourists radar and we'll share a few great examples in today's blog.

1: The Korean Friendship Bell

A beautiful monument known as the Korean Friendship Bell was donated by The Republic of Korea as a sign of friendship between the United States and Korea. It was built to honor the veterans who lost their lives during the Korean war from 1950-1953.

2: The Egyptian Theatre

Ever heard of a theatre with an Egyptian theme? Well, you can find one in LA!

What's great about this place apart from the decorations is that you won't see mainstream/the latest movies. Instead, they focus on indie-films and documentaries. A highly recommended place for the film and culture fanatics!

3: Tehrangeles

Los Angeles is very multicultural and is home to people from all around the world. One of those nationalities are Iranians. Around 500.000 Persians reside in the city and have left an impact through their culture.

In fact, Westwood Boulevard and Wilkins Avenue has officially been named the Persian Square due to the many Persian shops and restaurants. It is perhaps more known as Tehrangeles for most people.

In the area, you'll get to choose from great restaurants who serves authentic Iranian food, traditional bakeries where you can enjoy fresh middle-eastern bread and pastries along with different interesting shops that sells Iranian groceries and specialities.

4: Bunny Museum

This one is for the animal lovers. The museum which is located in Altadena has over 40.000 items related to bunnies for display. This privately owned museum opened in 1998 and is still going strong!

5: The last bookstore

If you are a bookworm, you will absolutely love this shop! Over 250.000 books can be found in the shop, and is the largest book shop in the state of California. Parts of the shop have been impressively decorated with books which will make for some great pictures.

In this weeks list we have included mainly culturally interesting things to do, but that's because the city of LA is in fact very rich in culture. No matter what you interests are, you'll definitely find new and fun activities to do in this diverse city.

Remember that you can always ask the lovely staff at EC Los Angeles for more tips during your English language studies!