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Good news for residents in Sweden looking to study in Paris

As there are not many low cost carriers operating from Sweden, it can sometimes be expensive to travel abroad.

We have good news though! Vueling Airlines, a Spanish low cost flight company has recently launched their first flights from Paris to both Stockholm and Gothenburg.

We were actually lucky enough to be on their first flight (Paris-Gothenburg) which embarked on Friday, the 5th of November. Without mentioning how much we had to pay for the flights, we'll assure you that the prices were much cheaper than it would have been if we chose other carriers!

At the moment, flights between Paris and Gothenburg are operating on Monday's, Friday's and Sunday's. If you need to travel from Paris to Stockholm and vice versa, you have the options of flying on Monday's, Wednesday's and Saturday's.

This is certainly welcoming news if you want to study French in France while saving as much money as possible.

Flights can be booked via www.vueling.com

Hope to see you soon in La France!