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France aims to welcome tourists this summer

The president of France, Emmanuel Macron has outlined a four-stage plan to gradually open up the country.

* From this Monday, the 3rd of May, rules on traveling will end which means French citizens will be allowed to travel without restrictions within the country.

* On the 19th of May, the nightly curfew which is currently set at 19:00 local time, will be moved to 21:00. Both restaurants and cafes will be allowed to reopen for outdoor table service. Non-essential shops, cinemas, museums and theatres will also get the permission to open.

* On the 9th of June, the curfew will be moved again to 23:00 local time. Foreign tourists will be allowed to enter the country with a "health pass" to prove that they don't have the virus.

* The 30th of June is the day that we have all been waiting for! The curfew will be lifted completely and most of the restrictions will have been lifted by then if everything goes according to the plan and the infection rates continues to go down.

While all of the language schools that we work with (France Langue in Bordeaux, Lyon, Nice and Paris) are open, we understand that a trip to France won't be the same without being able to freely exploring and enjoying this beautiful country.

Just like many of our other partner schools, online language courses are offered in case you wish to study French from home.

France - we miss you but we will meet soon!