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Error fares

The Language Union would like to start 2022 by treating you to one of our best secrets when it comes to finding very cheap flights!

Flight carriers and price comparing sites are constantly adding and editing their rates which makes errors inevitable. It's not very uncommon that one 0 is left out by mistake when entering prices, which obviously makes a huge difference.

For example, a flight from London to Toronto could cost 440.00 GBP return. Instead, you would only pay 44.00 GBP by taking advantage of the error.

Leaving out a number is just an example, and other types of mistakes can and have occurred as well.

Now you may wonder where to spot error fares like this. There are 3 different sites that we can highly recommend. The following sites are not only updating error fares when they pop up, but also posting daily good deals from and to all around the world.

To never miss a deal, we recommend following these sites on social media as you will be informed immediately when a deal is available.

Once you book an error fare, we strongly advise you to contact the airline before making further plans such as reserving a hotel to make sure that your booking won't be cancelled. Sometimes the airlines won't honor the price as they reserve the right to cancel any bookings due to pricing errors.

I have personally booked 2 error fares in the past, and none of them were cancelled.

Is it immoral to take advantage of the mistakes? That’s up to you to decide, but we believe that the airlines won’t honor any deals unless they are still making a profit. Some airlines will cancel flights that won’t get them enough revenue. This is why we would not hesitate for one second to grab an error fare when the opportunity comes!

Who knows, maybe an amazing deal pops up to the destination you would like to study a new language in this year?

For more tips on how to book cheap flights, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Much love from The Language Union!

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