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Covid Passports Approved by the EU

The members of the EU have agreed to implement the use of Covid Passports in order to boost European tourism this summer. The passports will be enough to avoid quarantine which will make it easier and more tempting for tourists to travel.

According to the European Commission, the documents will be handed to anyone with proof of either vaccination, a negative test or full recovery from Covid.

The plan is to allow free movement within all the EU countries, regardless of the purpose of visit.

This is obviously great news for language schools and for students looking to study abroad. Summer times are usually the busiest times for language travel, and hopefully we can see a surge of new students who have longed to travel and study.

The Language Union can offer you language courses through our partner schools in the following EU countries at the moment:

English in Malta

French in France

German in Germany

Italian in Italy

Spanish in Spain

United Kingdom will hopefully follow suit and fully open the border for vaccinated tourists once they deem it's safe to do so.

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