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Children with diagnosis

Traveling to study another language abroad is an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime.

We are confident enough to say that most parents worldwide would love to offer this opportunity to their children.

However, if your child is suffering from diagnosis such as autism, ADHD, or bipolar disorder, it can be worrying to send away your child by himself/herself.

Children with diagnoses are just like any other child of course very welcome to study with any of our partner schools.

Depending on the degree of the diagnosis, it can be wise to carefully consider whether your child needs to be accompanied by an adult or not.

Language school teachers are all qualified to give the best education possible, but there is no guarantee that there will be staff members who are qualified to know how to deal with children who have certain diagnosis.

Some schools may not have the facilities neither to cater for students who require extra support. By this we are referring to a quiet spare room for the concentration and peacefulness just to name an example.

Having said this, we don't want to deter you from offering an unforgettable experience for your child. Some schools may offer a free space for an adult who would like to join the child, while others may not.

Please contact us if you are in this situation and let us know which school your child is interested in. We will then send you detailed information about the school's policy.

If you would like to speak to parents who also have children with a similar diagnosis as your loved one, there are parent groups to reach out to. These groups are great if you would like to hear about other experiences and share your own.

Every child in the world deserves to have fun and experience adventures to be remembered forever.

The Language Union will try to help in any way possible to make the dream come true no matter what difficulties a child may be faced with.

For everyone celebrating, have a Happy Halloween from us at The Language Union and speak soon!

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