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Bullying and abuse in schools

Bullying is a worldwide problem and can affect both children and adults.

While bullying is more common in public schools, it can occur everywhere, including language schools of course.

Now, don't get us wrong. We are not writing this to strike fear in anyone, but rather to assure you that every school has a responsibility to follow guidelines and have measurements in place to preventing it from happening.

However, if you ever are a victim of bullying, or witness someone else being a victim, then there are national helplines (in every country that you can study through The Language Union) that you can call not only free of charge, but also anonymously.

You can of course also speak to your teacher or any other staff member at your school who you can speak to confidentially. If you feel close to any other student, then it can also be a good idea to speak to him or her for support.

With this being said, we want you to know that language schools generally have very good atmospheres, where you'll make friends from all around the world, and where most students get along very well.

If you have any questions regarding the measurements that each school has put in place, please do not hesitate to contact either The Language Union or the school directly for more information.

Everyone should always feel safe when studying, both children and adults, which is why all schools are doing everything they can to prevent bullying as much as possible!

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