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Cagliari is the capital of Sardinia, a stunning island located in the south of Italy overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Bright yellow lemons, crystal clear water, historic monuments and mouth-watering food is what you can expect from this paradise.  The name Cagliari comes from the Punic language Karalis or Karel which means “rocky place”. Founded in the 8th century BC, it is one of the oldest inhabited cities in Italy.

Poetto Beach is on the top of the list for many tourists visiting Cagliari. The beach extends for 8 kilometers and is a prime spot to cool yourself down in the water during a warm summer day.

To get a fantastic overlook of the city, make sure to head up the medieval tower of Torre dell'Elefante. The tower itself is impressive, but the view from the top is even better.

Sicily is particularly known for their delicious food.  Arancini (deep-fried rice ball), Caponato (sweet and sour fried vegetable mix) and Cannoli (fried pastry consisting of sweet and creamy filling topped with chocolate) are some of the most popular specialties.

We also recommend you to cook food like a local. Why not pay a visit to the fish market and cook yourself up some fresh seafood to enjoy.


If you are looking for a tranquil destination close to the beach to improve your Italian, then you won’t find many better options than this gorgeous Sicilian city.


Florence is a city of beauty and the birthplace of the Renaissance. According to UNESCO around 30% of the most important works of art in the world are located in Florence. Michelangelo and Dante were both born in Florence, and you can find the world famous “David” sculpture in Accademia Gallery.

This historic city is also known for fashion. Many luxury brands such as Gucci and Prada have their factories based there, and one of the reasons for this is because Florence is famous for its high quality leather. There are numerous markets where you can browse and shop for different types of leather clothing and accessories, but perhaps the most popular one is Mercato del Porcellino which is located in the historic centre.

Duomo di Firenze, an iconic cathedral is a must visit for anyone visiting Florence. This cathedral which was completed in 1436 is today the 4th largest in the world standing over 10 stories high.

Florence is a great choice for anyone interested in history, culture or fashion, and a perfect base to visit Tuscany’s breathtaking landscapes in between the studies.


Milano is Italy’s fashion capital with around 13.000 companies specializing in fashion.  Brands such as Dolce Gabbana, Prada, Versace and Moschino are based in the city along with many other luxury brands. Numerous famous runway shows are being held yearly, and there are students from all around the world studying fashion and design in this trendy northern city.

It’s not only fashion however that attracts tourists to Milano. The city can boast of amazing architecture which is easily noticed when walking around the streets. An example is Duomo di Milano, a 157 metre high cathedral church that took 500 years to build. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is another impressive spot in the city. While it is a shopping gallery, many tourists visit it solely to see this fantastic 18th century glass vaulted building.

Milano is also a perfect base for anyone interested in exploring the famous lakes called Garda and Como as both are less than 2 hours away by train. Taking a walk around the lakes while enjoying the views is a fantastic and memorable experience that you won’t forget soon.

If you are interested in fashion, design and art, or if you wish to be based in a good location to easily explore Italy’s northern landscapes, then Milano is a perfect choice.


Rome, the beautiful capital of Italy is one of the worlds most visited cities in the world with roughly 10 million tourists yearly.

Home to stunning monuments such as the Colleseum, Trevi Fountain and Pantheon, it’s no surprise Rome is on the top of the list of many travellers. This city is often referred to as an “open air museum”, due to its countless historical sites and street art. There are in fact a staggering 55 UNESCO World Heritage sites in the area. The Vatican, home of the pope which is the most popular tourist destination in Rome is located in the heart of the city and is a must visit for any tourist.

There is so much more though to Rome than just history. The city offers world class shopping, top-notch cuisine and excellent entertainment options. Sports fans may be tempted to attend a football match at Stadio Olimpico where AS Roma play their home matches.

Studying Italian in Rome gives you an opportunity to learn so much about the history of the language and the country, while immersing yourself into the beauty of the city.


In Rome, you’ll find a bit of every part of Italy mashed up into one fantastic mix that will take your breath away.


Venice is truly a unique city that is difficult to match. Founded 1500 years ago, it was built on water and is thus called the “floating city”. Made up of 117 islands, there’s water around you almost anywhere go. For these reasons, it’s one of the most well known and most visited cities in the world.

Visit the iconic Piazza San Marco, shop for some traditional Venetian craft and have a gelato while walking through the corners of this marvellous city. Also make sure to take a ride in a rowing boat which is known as gondola.

While usually being very crowded due to tourists, it still has a calm and relaxing vibe to it which cannot be described by words.


This is why many students who want to avoid larger cities, instead choose this romantic paradise while improving their Italian skills.

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*General Italian

*Italian Wine & Olives

*Sardinian Culture

*Italian Literature

*Art & Traditions

*Italian and Nature

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One World Italiano Cagliari

One World Italiano can be found opposite of Cagliari's port in the centre of the city. Nearby the school, there are shops, restaurants, and public transportation. This institute is located in a historic building with 10 classrooms, a computer room, a projection room and a recording studio. From this friendly language school, you'll have a fantastic view of Cagliari's port. Free Wi-fi is available throughout the building.

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*General Italian

*Exam Preparation

*50+ Courses

*Language & Culture

*Italian & Cooking

*Italian & Holiday

*Italian & Artisan Handcrafts

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ABC School Florence

ABC School in Florence is situated around the beautiful historic centre, very close to Ponte Vecchio, Piazza Santa Croce and Piazza della Signoria. This is one of the oldest and most lively parts of Florence which makes it easy to explore the city after your classes.


The institute has 7 bright classrooms, a student lounge ,a movie room, a library and a snack/drinks vending machine. Free Wi-fi is available throughout the building.

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*General Italian

*Italian + Fashion & Interior Design

*Exam Preparation

*Fashion & Design Schools Preparatory Programme

*Italian + Internship

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Linguaviva Milano

Linguadue in Milano is situated in Corso Buenos Aires. the busiest shopping street in the city with over 350 shops. The nearest metro station is only a minute away which makes moving around the city a breeze.

The school has 13 bright classrooms, a student lounge, a snacks/drinks vending machine and a lovely interior garden. Free Wi-fi is available throughout the building.

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*General Italian

*Italian for Business

*Italian through Art & Culture

*Italian + a Taste of Italian Culture

*Rome for 30-40 & 50+ year olds

*Italian for Law

*Exam Preparation

*Internship Programme

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Founded in 1974, Dilit is one of the oldest Italian language schools in Italy. The institute is located in central Rome, only a few minutes away from the railway station Stazione Termini. The school is situated in a lovely villa in a calm street, but still just a short walk away from the touristic areas.

There are 11 classrooms, a garden, a terrace and a snack bar. Free Wi-fi is available throughout the building.

Students from Istituto Venezia Language School

*General Italian

*Exam Preparation

*Italian & Art

*Italian & Cooking

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Istituto Venezia

Istituto Venezia is situated in Campo Santa Margherita, the historical centre of Venice. The area is popular for locals to go shopping or have a drink in traditional Italian cafes. This campus is very close to popular monuments and tourist attractions.

The school has 7 classrooms, a self-study room and a library. Free Wi-fi is available throughout the building.