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What can we offer you?

The Language Union can help you choose a course that will suit your needs. Below, you will find examples of popular courses that our partner schools can offer.


Please contact us via the form below to receive the best prices and options!


General courses

​A general course is perfect for someone who wants to study a few hours per day, but still have time to explore and do some sightseeing!


Private tutoring

If you want to choose exactly what you want to focus on, and have more time with your teacher, then taking individual lessons is the right choice for you.

Circular Library

Intensive courses

An Intensive course is suitable for a student who wants to study as much as possible, and improve at a fast pace. These courses usually run from morning until late afternoon.

Business Meeting

Business courses

​Do you need to improve your language skills for work related purposes? If so, this is the perfect course for you.

Graduates Holding Diplomas

Exam Preparation

Planning to take an exam? Prepare yourself for many different worldwide recognised exams and earn your certificate.

Outdoor Activity
Language learning with activities

Participate in a fun and exciting activity after your lessons. Urban hiking, cooking lessons or football practice are just a few examples.

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